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No new trip

19 juni 2019

America today

Our trip to the U.S. in Januari and February was postponed because of the stroke I had on Jan 7. It was only a little stroke or should I say a small stroke? Anyway medical specialists didn’allow me to fly. So that was that.

I couldn’t say I was terribly upset about that, It was a pity we couldn’t visit our friends in Florida, but my fear of flying has been growing in recent years.

The effect is that I cannot speak about the States from my own experience. My comments are based exclusively on the news I see in the papers I follow.

There is enough tot think about anyway. Let’s take two items.

It seems Trump is campaigning for a second term as president. And the media seem to think that he has a real chance to win a second election, which is curious enoug in itself.
Trump is lying about everything everyday (the count is already over 11 000 times during his presidency) so it seems impossible to know wether he speaks the truth. But it does not seem to worry his followers. They keep chanting and admiring him. He started a trade war with China that he can’t win and it looks like he doesn’t know that trade tariffs must be paid by the people who import the goods from China and not by the Chinese. So people in the States pay more for articles from China they can’t do without. That doesn’t mean that China has no trouble with the higher tariffs. But my estimates are that alternatives for China are easier to obtain than those for the U.S. And now adays tothirds of all the American dollars are outside the U.S. and most of it in China. We can only hope China will not try and sell the American debt and cause a depression as we have not seen before. And while Trump quarrels with China over trade and with Russia over oil and all his allies over NATO he tries to fight another war with Iran that has no future. If it becomes a real war there will be nobody who wins.

Yet his followers seem to think he is the real genius that will win anyway.

In the meantime Trump started his campaign in Florida. And see what: he repeats his discussions with Hillary Clinton. Which not surprises his fans: they keep chanting.
On Twitter not everybody seems convinced.

So James Gleick; he says:

I’ve been overoptimistic in the past. But I just don’t think he’s going to beat Hillary this time.


The second item that caught my attention was the brave action of Bella Thorne who posted a number of topless pictures on her twitter account. This was after someone who had one way or another hacked those pictures tried to blackmail her by threatening to publish the pictures. Thorne (21) reacted by putting the pictures on the internet herself. In a country that is more and more scared of all nude a courageous act.

What followed remarkable: Whoopy Goldberg was furious; If you’re famous, I don’t care how old you are. You don’t take nude pictures of yourself.

This is the land of freedom?